Big Dick’s Dry Rub Company is a family-owned company that started with a father’s dream and a son’s dry rub recipe.

Big Dick is a man on a mission to tell bad jokes to all who will listen and to even those who refuse to listen. A man, a myth and a legend in his own mind, where ever he goes, Big Dick always creates an environment of tasteless innuendos and quick one-liners, handing down his talent, or curse, to his son, a son with a dry rub recipe who dreams of sharing it with the world. These two have come together to form Big Dick’s Dry Rub Co., a truly tasteless name for a truly tasty rub.

They always say if you are going to go into business for yourself, do what you love. Well we love to BBQ and we love to make people laugh. We hope you enjoy either or both. And if you can relate to our tasteless sense of humor and love the taste of our rub, well then, our work here is done.